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Cities and life found on Mars. 

Many anomalies have been found by closely studying pictures taken from

various Mars missions. Below are some of the most mind boggling finds.


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The Crater Hale photos from the ESA ( European Space Agency) clearly show either and existing base/community or a former base/community. The best picture is The Crater Hale in perspective looking west, which the original can be downloaded from the ESA here.

This perspective view, taken by the High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) on board ESA’s Mars Express spacecraft, shows Crater Hale on Mars.
The image is centered at latitude 36° South and longitude 324° East. The image was taken with a ground resolution of about 40 meters per pixel during Mars Express orbit 533 in June 2004.

It shows a closer view of Crater Hale, with its terraced walls (center to right) and its central peak (foreground).

At first appearance it just looks like a typical crater with the sun shinning down in it and a bunch of pixelation at the bottom. But by using a good photo editor like Photoshop CS3 or MS Office Picture manager, we can edit the photo to reduce the brightness and raise the contrast to remove the glare from the photo to enhance the bottom features of the crater.  Download the enhanced pic here.

Now we need to zoom in at 100% and scroll down to the bottom left, and you will see the geometric shapes of intelligently created design. This is like flying over a small town or subdivision. You see patterns like buildings and roads, and something similar to viewing farm land from an airplane. Now we can zoom in to 200% and home in on specific areas to really get a good look at the building or structures that are clearly the result of intelligent design.

The next pictures will be specific structures zoomed in at 375% +/- with slight enhancements using brightness and contrast and then cropped.



This pic at left side, over the mountain shows what I call the nuclear reactor station. Well lit up as well!


This strange looking building or tower shows four corner structures coming together to a dome metalic top in it's center. There also appears to be lighting also.


Here is a group shot of the last three facilities. The reactor, the domed tower and the well lit facility with the two metalic discs. 


Here is a pic from the Spirit Rover.  They took the pic very low resolution, so that the distant city structures would be pixelated. Zoom in to the back turn brightness down and contrast up and you can see structures. Download original here
 Modified here

Here we see what looks like a skull or helmet. Reminds me of

C3PO in Star Wars. Maybe there was a star wars after all?

And still father out something like metalic debris.

Here you can see what appears to be a steel washer or a CD??  There are a few Rover pics that show this in other places.  Download here.


 Below is a cropped section of Coprates Catena image from the ESA. 

Download here. Original image here.

Coprates Catena



Mars forests of evergreen type trees cropped from original strip. The original strip has a lot more to show. Download here.


 Below is an earth forest


Water on Mars? Obviously the temperatures there get warmer than they tell us. Download original here.


 Enhanced image  MOC e1001841 area of vegetation and water stream. Original is here

 original photo



enhanced photo

Below Crater hale from a different perspective. You can see some of the same structures in the same place from a different view point. SWEET! Download TIFF here.

This pic shows what appears to be a plateau on the side of the mountain, middle right of the enhanced picture. Looks like a building in front, a dual cylinder tower behind it and a metallic domed silo to the right.


This next pic shows a facility that appears to be well lit up and shows two metallic discs, one to the left of the facility and one at the upper right of the facility. 



In this next pic we see what looks like just a barren desert.

Lets see if that is all it is? Download here

 Below is a massive city, so you need to download the modified picture. The design of these cities all seem to be by the same architects. They look like printed circuit boards IMO. Download original here. Enhanced here.


And another skull or helmet farther out. 

Are there trees on Mars??? Here is an interesting picture!

Download original strip here.  From source here.


More trees. Download original here.

Here is a great one! Looks Egyptian to me. Nice building structure with a pyramid sphinx combo!  This is the landing site of the mars Pathfinder. Download the High Resolution original image here.



Watch my video on how to edit the Hale crater picture! Best watched on

YouTube in HD 720p fullscreen mode.


Below is definite proof of life on Mars.  These animals blend in with the rocks.  Click for the official images: Pic 1  Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4



Skinny Bob


Below Hi Res image of plant life on Mars MOC image s0600607. The original link is here.

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